MC Eiht’s Upcoming Album Includes This DJ Premier Remix (Audio)

MC Eiht and Compton’s Most Wanted have a long history with DJ Premier and Gang Starr. In 1992, Preemo remixed “Def Wish II” from the critically-acclaimed Music To Driveby album. Two years later, Eiht dropped a “Geah!” on Premier’s answering machine for Hard To Earn‘s “Aiight Chill” interlude. Even though they lived 3,000 miles apart, these artists stood for keeping Rap extra real and gritty.

These days, the cross-coastal MC and producing DJ are at work on an album, Which Way Iz West. Announced years ago, the LP is executive produced by Preemo, who included the C.M.W. front man on his Get Used To Us compilation for Year Round Records several years back.

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The upcoming LP will include this Premier remix of “Runn The Blocc.” Featuring MayLay, who leads things off, this song is about people policing themselves in the ‘hood. Preemo builds some sound effects and accents around his hard drums. Eiht’s verse calls back to the days of his come-up, as moving from block to block in Compton was a treacherous journey. In 2016, the gold-certified vet urges the blocks to hold their own.

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Preemo shuts it down at the end with scratches that remind where the lyrics are coming from, and how aggressive the West Coast Hip-Hop sound can be.

The track premiered at XXL.