Mick Jenkins Gets In The Zone On A Freestyle That Leaves Sway Speechless (Video)

It’s been less than a month since Chicago, Illinois MC Mick Jenkins dropped his debut studio LP, The Healing Component. Longtime fans of his have been rocking with him since at least 2o12, when he dropped Mickstape and, in the years since, his fanbase has been able to celebrate his rising star. Joey Bada$$, BADBADNOTGOOD, Noname, and theMIND are some of his frequent collaborators, and with THC‘s list of producers boasting contributions from Kaytranada and Sango (among others), Jenkins has defined himself as a spitter with an ear for eclectic, non-conforming beats.

Mick Jenkins, Jesse Boykins III & Noname Help Illustrate theMIND (Video)

In the eyes of many, his affinity for “different”-sounding beats is one of his signature qualities, and he was able to showcase that facet of his artistry this morning (October 17) when he visited “Sway in the Morning.” Along with an interview, Jenkins blessed the radio program with a freestyle that could very well earn him comparisons to Andre 3000, thanks to his ability to hear and deliver things most other MCs might not. After stumbling a bit on his first attempt (a performance which nevertheless earned a justifiably positive response from Sway), Jenkins gets in the zone for several remarkable minutes, beginning at the 3:01 mark. Atop a spaced-out beat that could very well find itself home on ATLiens, Jenkins goes in, rapping “got up in this bitch, but just like parkin’ they won’t validate my shit without a co-sign/can’t play on both sides, he sleeps with both eyes open/I be the token black guy in a room full of people screamin’ ‘nigga’ wit me/Am I wrong if that’s sittin’ with me?”

At several moments throughout, Sway can be seen shaking his head in disbelief, and Mick himself keeps rhymin’ after the beat is over. “Don’t applaud that,” says Sway. “We’re doing that a disservice with applause. Let that shit breathe right there, man.” For several seconds thereafter, Sway appears speechless.

The Healing Component is available on iTunes.