Black Thought & Daveed Diggs Get Busy On An Incredible Election Day Rap-Off (Video)

Today (November 8) is Election Day in the U.S., and millions will be casting their ballots in what is proving to be the most memorable election in modern history. Hip-Hop has been putting in serious overtime in getting out the vote, with Chance the Rapper headlining a “Parade to the Polls” concert, Jay Z taking part in a Hillary Clinton rally, and others like Vic Mensa and T.I. taking part in the “Why I Vote” web-video series. It’s no surprise, then, that last night’s late-night television lineup devoted much of its time to discussing the election. Stephen Colbert had Stevie Wonder on the show, where the musical legend likened voting for Donald Trump to allowing Wonder to drive you to the hospital. But for Hip-Hop Heads, the election-themed content was on The Tonight Show, where two stupendous MCs took part in a tête-à-tête that belongs in history textbooks.

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Daveed Diggs is the Grammy- and Tony-winning co-star of Hamilton and an accomplished Hip-Hop artist in his own right. As the vocalist for clipping., he just dropped Splendor & Misery, an album featuring the group’s signature experimental approach to instrumentation. As a guest on Fallon last night, he discussed his departure from the blockbuster Broadway musical and his current role on Black-ish before being asked by host Jimmy Fallon to drop some bars about the election and voting. “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he says when asked. “Here’s the thing, though. You already have, like, one of the greatest rappers in the world, Black Thought, so it would be really silly if we did this and we didn’t do something together, is that cool?,” he asks Tariq. What follows is a three-verse dose of the importance of voting, the history of suffrage, and of course, the kind of lyrical dexterity that Heads have come to expect from these two phenomenal MCs (Black Thought raps “right or left, we up the creek without a paddle, look at the boat we in/the devil screaming, ‘Vote me in,’ it’s dystopian … You’ll find me at the polls the moment that it’s opening”).

During his interview with Fallon, Diggs mentions he and Black Thought have a collaboration in the works. “Me and Tariq got projects together. This BARS mixtape we’re doing. Yeah, there’s a really cool project dropping in a couple weeks that Tariq’s involved in.”