Caleborate Says It’s Game Over For Obstacles In His Path…Does This Video Win It All?

With Berkely, California – a hotbed of intermingling, cosmopolitan ideas and people – as his hometown, Caleborate is an MC whose style is limber without ever sounding like an affectation. Calling himself a “student of Hip-Hop and all-around eclectic artist,” the Bay Area MC dropped SF Weekly‘s “Best Hip-Hop Album of the Bay” in 2015 (Hella Good), and he’s currently touring the West Coast in support of his latest endeavor, 1993.

In his latest video off the new project, Caleborate and pals take cues from 1980s sitcoms while humorously portraying a day in his life in the form of an equally vintage video game. With bill collectors in pursuit, references to Sallie Mae, lamentations about dating, and overzealous police, it’s a whimsical representation of real-life obstacles.

Caleborate is clearly out to win it all, but he can’t do it alone. Does the video make Caleborate ready to level up, or does he still need more practice?

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