Donald Glover Is Making Full Fledged Funk. And There’s Nothing Childish About It (Audio)

Last Thursday (November 10), Childish Gambino unveiled the first look from upcoming album, …Awaken, My Love (December 2). “Me and Your Mama” set aside the raps for a record that had more in common with Parliament or Lenny Kravitz than any Rap contemporary. Singing, screaming, and embedding himself in a groove, Donald Glover forecast where he wants to take the musical component of his art.

“Redbone” proves that the first look may be just a tiptoe to a whole new music cosmos. He drags out his vocals to the point it’s hard to hear the same MC. The bass gets extra chunky, as Gambino feels out his way around the song.

Childish Gambino Funks Up Expectations Going Into His New Album (Audio)

The 33 year-old has studied the masters of the genre—and has found his own longing messages to slide inside these grooves that will move your body, and speak to the heart.