Inspectah Deck’s Rhymes Still Hit Like A Fistful Of Peril (Audio)

If it’s not broken, then why fix it? Wu-Tang Clan’s Inspectah Deck and New England Hip-Hop veterans 7L & Esoteric added new chapters to their decorated careers in 2013 when they formed Czarface. The comic book-inspired outfit defended Hip-Hop’s honor with hard rhymes, hard beats, and a lot of stylish songs. Across the Hip-Hop community, folks wanted in.

This week (November 4), the third album A Fistful Of Peril will release. “Steranko” is one of the final previews before the Silver Age Records release. “Steranko” is one of the four songs on this affair which feature guests. Meyhem Lauren and Rast RFC appear on the song, which each shining in a big way.

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This “rapping for the gutter” as Meyhem says, with four MCs busting down bars on a ominous and simplistic 7L beat. Rebel INS finds the lyrical pocket, and flexes his ego. Manhattan’s Rast goes all the way in, while the beat changes with one of the best verses of his illustrious underground career. A.O.T.P.’s Eso’ plays cleanup, and brings it all home—with his nimble slick talk.

Spotted at NahRight.

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#BonusBeat: Czarface’s A Fistful Of Peril tracklist:

1. Electric Level 1
2. Two In The Chest
3. Czar Wars
4. Dust f. Psycho Les
5. Revenge On Lizard City
6. Machine, Man & Monster f. Conway The Machine
7. Dare Iz A Darkseid
8. Tarantulas f. Blacastan
9. Sabers
10. Steranko f. Meyhem Lauren & Rast RFC
11. Talk That Talk
12. All In Together Now
13. Level Electric 1