Chris Rivers, Necro & Tragedy Rally 10 Bad Apple MCs From NYC (Video)

New York City Hip-Hop has many sides. Veteran MC/producer Necro gathered nine other MCs—spanning nearly 30 years of Rap to join him for “New York Gangsters.” This self-produced possé cut includes Big Pun’s illustrious lyrical son Chris Rivers, Tragedy Khadafi (f/k/a The Intelligent Hoodlum), Capone (Capone-N-Noreaga), vet Kurious Jorge, Dom Pachino (Killarmy), Thirstin Howl III, Willie Stubz, Hec Teck, and Raze The Hatchet. Those paying attention will see that all 10 MCs are New Yorkers who rep their city as hard as possible. Combined, these MCs have ties to Eminem, DOOM, Kool G Rap, Wu-Tang Clan, The LOX, and more.

While these artists span several eras, backgrounds, and levels of recognition within the Hip-Hop community, they all share a penchant for hardcore, in your face bars and gruff deliveries. Each artist appears in the visual, in their respective elements with the constant aesthetic that these are MCs of the people—and hold down the Big Apple as a place that takes courage, strength, and power to survive. The message is simple, but clear: there is a unified front within street MCs that value tradition.

Necro, Vinnie Paz & Immortal Technique Take Hip-Hop Back To Its Essence (Video)

This single will reportedly appear on Necro’s KILLaborations album, coming in 2017 on his own longtime Psycho+Logical imprint.