Never-Before-Seen Footage of O.D.B.’s Life Forms One Powerful Portrait (Video)

November 13 marked the 12th anniversary of the passing of O.D.B., the Wu-Tang Clan’s most vibrant spirit. Furthermore, November 15 would have been his 48th birthday, making this week ripe with opportunities to reflect on the late MC’s legacy. Despite his larger-than-life personality and the undying love he inspires in millions of fans around the world, there are those who argue the anniversaries of his birth and death are not celebrated to the same degree as, say, those of artists like Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G., but in his most recent installment of Live From the Streets, Mr. Green looks to change that.

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Producer and DJ Mr. Green in the past partnered with Noisey to produce Live From the Streets, a web series that combines music with travel to create delightful snapshots of people around the world communicating through, and celebrating life with, music of all kinds. In acknowledgement of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s life, Green was joined by O.D.B.’s family and friends in a very special episode formed out of old VHS tapes and recent footage. The montage was made possible, in part, with the help of those closest to O.D.B., and Heads will be seeing most of this footage for the very first time. Sean the White Rapper – one of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s best friends – helped make the production a reality, sharing “hours and hours of unreleased” footage with Green. Having been given the blessing of O.D.B.’s mother (“shoutout to Momma Cherry”) and his son Young Dirty Bastard, the episode is much more than glimpses of a rapper – it’s in fact a tribute to the family man he was, as well as the loyal friend and bright light he was for his friends (including his Wu-Tang Clan brethren, some of whom make cameos).

Also included is footage of Green chopping up and sampling some of the freestyles delivered in the video montage by O.D.B. and his friends;  touching statements from his niece, friends, and colleagues; and an extensive reflection on what made O.D.B. so special, shared by his mother and son. It wouldn’t be Live From the Streets without a performance of some kind, so fans are treated to clips of O.D.B. in his element.

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Mr. Green says more O.D.B. tributes are in the works… stay tuned,” so Heads are encouraged to connect with him on his official website.