Ras Kass Sees Lady Liberty Getting Grabbed & Names Those Who Let It Happen (Audio)

For more than 20 years, Ras Kass has been one of Hip-Hop’s most steadfast critics of what he perceives as lies and corruption fed to the people. The Carson, California representative has called out organized religion, school-taught history, and the old guard music industry. In a week that has many questioning the future standing of the justice and equality within the United States, Razzy Kazzy goes off—and uses his instrument to cry foul. While many artists have hit the booth the last week, this is one truly trusted source for pointing out politricks, and staying true to his musical craft in doing so.

With jarring artwork, the HRSMN breaks down what he believes happened leading to election day. The two-part song does not blame exclusively Donald Trump, but lays into other politicians and parties that don’t value diversity, or some of the people who have been promised the same unalienable rights—that may be compromised. However, more than just those in power, Ras Kass turns the finger on the people who didn’t vote (and some who did) this past Tuesday. He warns of a dangerous aftermath of the election just ahead.

White nationalists took their country back / But never offered Native Americans that / I guess equality was never meant to include Muslims, gays, women, Latinos or Blacks.” – Ras Kass

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Part 1 is produced by Nottz. Part 2 is produced by The Olympicks.