Ski Wants The World…Including Your Undivided Attention. Does This Video Earn It?

Hailing from Virginia Beach, Virginia, the MC known as Ski (aka Ski Cobain) blends the 1990s and early 2000s Hip-Hop that influenced him with his own stories, ambitions, and reflections. His latest single “The World Is Mine” ties a fan favorite from within Nas’s Illmatic. The artist with two previous projects plots his own rise to the top of the Hip-Hop pack. This is the latest look from upcoming album, Reasonably ILL—showing just where Ski gets his game from.

From Scarface film references to private jets to social justice, Ski hopes that his path delivers these wishes in physical form. For now, they’re in an animated music video (by Britney Renee). The artist says this particular visual was inspired by Madvillain’s “All Caps” visual.

To get there, he’ll need supporters like you. Does the world belong to Ski, or is he not quite ready for the cosmos?

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