Termanology & Kxng Crooked Bring Out The Best In Each Other. Let’s Go! (Audio)

For lovers of lyrics, wordplay, and flow, one of 2016’s must-listen-to Hip-Hop albums is Statik Kxng. Kxng Crooked (fka Crooked I) and Statik Selektah made a 10-song EP that is some of the finest work from either. Termanology, Statik’s 1982 band-mate made the lone guest appearance on “Let’s Go.”

Now, for Term’s upcoming More Politics album (November 18), “Let’s Go, Part 2” does not miss a step from January’s early edition. Two of the most prolific MCs in Hip-Hop (Term even raps that he’s “been too busy putting out 30 projects“) bask in their rhyme gluttony, laughing at the haters. The Massachusetts rapper shifts gears with his flow speed, maintaining the clarity—speaking to his lesser peers, and asserting he’s better, tougher, and living the Rap dream. Crook’ wastes no time, keeping the concept. He maintains the metaphor of violence for venomous spitting. Along the way, he calls Phife Dawg “the rapping king” and reminds Heads where more of this chemistry between he and the producer can be found.

Joey Bada$$ & Termanology Started Out At The Bottom. Now They’re Top Shottas (Audio)

Based on some videos on Term’s Instagram, expect a video for this single any day now.