Tish Hyman Shows Sometimes Great Beauty Can Come From Great Pain (Video)

From T.I. to Above To The Law, Murs to Maino, “hustling” is a popular theme in music. It can mean many things, but you’ll hear the term—incessantly, from lyrics to interview soundbites. Singer Tish Hyman’s single “All That I Can Do” is also about hustling—for survival.

She delivers pained vocals, pleading with loved ones to understand her absence, and her reasons. She observes the world around her, and the circumstances that lead her to only one direction: upward. This song can be applied to multiple situations, and still ring true.

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The visual is simple and black-and-white, putting the viewer’s attention solely on the artist and her lyrics. As snow falls, the world of cold realities sets in to a song made by an artist with such a warm voice.