Camp Lo’s Geechi Suede Releases His 1st Solo Album & Uses His Luchini For A Limozini (Video)

Camp Lo has been making music for more than 20 years. While mid-1990s duo contemporaries of theirs such as Tha Dogg Pound or Tha Luniz have created more music apart than together, Geechi Suede and Sonny Cheeba have kept their duo in heavy focus. If anything, Camp Lo has stayed in tact, bringing in longtime mentor/producer Ski Beatz or Pete Rock to greater degrees for certain projects. As more Camp Lo music (new and old) continues to rise, Geechi drops his debut album today (December 2) in the form of the 21 track  0.9 NyteLife FM LP.

“Limozini” joins the highlights already released. This video, shot in black-and-white, shows the MC diving in on an undeniably catchy beat. With lots of percussion, Suede channels Sugarhill Gang, The Get Fresh Crew, and 1960s Kiddy-Pop record in the opening bars of the track. He maintains that famously inventive slang employed on the biggest hit of his career (’96’s “Luchini”).

Camp Lo Make Timeless Hip-Hop. With 2 Great Tracks, This Video Doubles Down

The beat changes, as this peppy track refuses to compromise any of its infectious energy. Like the song suggests, DJs should give this one play.