The Lessondary Is A Veteran Collective. Does This Hazy Music Video Give You A Contact?

Especially in the wake of Slaughterhouse, the Rap super-group has become quite the rage. In the independent scene, The Lessondary features a number of trusted veteran spitters, producers, and multi-threats hitching their fortunes together. Tanya Morgan’s three founders: Von Pea, Donwill and Ilyas Nashid have joined Rob Cave (fka Spec Boogie), Che Grand, Jermiside, Elucid, Aeon and Brickbeats in the act. Over the years, the configurations have transpired, all chipping away towards 2016 debut album, Ahead Of Schedule. Released through HiPNOTT Records, the 10-track effort has a lot to love for fans of purebred lyrics and beats.

“PTSD” is one album highlight. In this moment, Don’, Elucid, and Che hop on a track featuring a dramatic drum-and-string sample that Ice Cube Heads know all too well. Within, the three MCs describe the coping mechanisms used to cope in these crazy times we are living in. To avoid going insane in the brain, these dope artists conceptualize using mind elevation. With Ronald Reagan poster behind him, Donwill raps, “My favorite rappers sold dope / Your favorite rappers do dope,” reflecting the shift in music and MC consciousness. Does “PTSD” lead you to catch a contact?

Group member Jermiside directed this video.

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Previously, Lessondary released Never 2ndary mixtape, mixed by DJ Low Key.