Members Of Souls Of Mischief & Freestyle Fellowship Tag Team With Battle Rhymes (Audio)

In the early 1990s, Los Angeles, California’s Good Life Café played host to some legendary lyricists with its open mic Hip-Hop shows. From Jurassic 5 (Rebels of Rhythm and Unity Committee) to Freestyle Fellowship, Skee-Lo to Volume 10, many great MCs made pre-album impact on a community of music, poetry, and Battle Rap Heads. Reportedly, members of N.W.A. and the Death Row camps used to swing through the café, looking for talent and inspiration.

Even from Oakland, California, the Souls Of Mischief crew (and other Hieroglyphics acts) were also fixtures at Good Life. Running with Ice Cube producer Sir Jinx at the time, and keeping family ties to L.A., Tajai, Phesto, Opio, and A+ cut their teeth pre-’93 and participated strongly in the collective vibes.

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In 2016, members of Freestyle Fellowship and Souls Of Mischief have come together to form the Cali Co-Op. While it’s unclear if all members are tied in, F.F.’s Self Jupiter released the first, self-titled song. “Cali Co-Op” features Self, Aceyalone, Phesto, Opio, and Equipto on a percussion-driven Hines Buchanan track. Just like their days battling, these MCs are going for the jugular. Acey’ kicks things off with a chip on his shoulder. Others follow, not only praising their own innovative rhyme styles, but critiquing others who fail to come correct.

Released by Self Jupiter, hopefully this is a historic merging of two highly respected, never stagnant crews that are forefathers to so many of what people love about Rap more than 25 years after each outfit got started.

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