Sha Stimuli Releases 1 Of The Most Intelligent Songs Of The Year. Hip-Hop At Its Finest (Audio)

When Sha Stimuli released his 2009 debut album My Soul To Keep, Just Blaze was one of the star contributors. “Move Back” / “The Reason” featured Roc-A-Fella Records alums Freeway and Young Chris on a two-part track, co-produced by Just. While Sha was never a Roc artist (he formerly interned there), the Brooklyn, New Yorker ran in the same circles, and deeply impressed the label system at a time when Jay Z was leading Def Jam. In the end, Stimuli ended up at the then-Jermaine Dupri-helmed Virgin Records.

In 2016, Sha is plotting a comeback to Rap after some time away. Just Blaze is there again (as is 50 Cent/Lupe Fiasco hit-maker Needlz) for another two parter. “New Jordans” / “A Poem For Mike” makes light of how people listen closer if the speaker has cool shoes. Within, Sha admits that he loves the Nike shoes—even while he knows it’s wasteful, and preying on the poor. “Mike don’t need the money but we support him / Is it true he doesn’t care if we riot to help his fortune?” The song shows multiple perspectives, and questions who is right and wrong for making the shoes so iconic.

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The second song in the set does not seem to relate, but it does. A monologue, Sha discusses his transition from MC’ing to teaching. He explains the type of conversations he has with students, and their frame of mind—relating to Michael Jordan, Dr. Martin Luther King, or each other. A master of concept, Sha brings the subject back around for palpable effect. For those seeking music for your mental, this track dunks from the line.