Shia LaBeouf Goes At Rosenberg’s Neck & Saves Some For Lil Yachty (Audio)

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Just weeks after earning the admiration of some – and the ire of others – thanks to his recent appearance on Sway in the Morning, actor (and apparently now, MC) Shia LaBeouf is back on the mic, this time taking direct shots at some of Hip-Hop’s biggest names. Today (December 2), it’s the Breakfast Club’s turn to showcase the unlikely spitter’s abilities, featuring a call-in appearance from LaBeouf.

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Starting by saying “I’m not a rapper,” he proceeds to address Peter Rosenberg, no doubt a response to the Hot 97 radio host’s recent takedown of the actor-turned-rapper, in which he said “you only started rapping ’cause your film career’s wack.” LaBeouf today calls out Pete, saying “Rosenberg’s the oldest turd, he knows he’s dirt/chasing relevance, holes in shirt,” and doesn’t stop there. He calls him a fake, saying he’s more ridiculous than “Drake’s Jamaican accent,” calls him “old as fuck,” “stagnant,” and eventually takes on the entire Hot 97 radio station.

Shia’s also got some heat for Lil Yachty, whom he addresses by his given name: Miles Parks McCollum. Saying that he’s sick of hearing from the XXL Freshman class MC, LaBeouf goes in, saying “I’m miles above him,” adding “he’s gonna bow out quick, he’s a kowtow trick.” Perhaps his most entertaining insult comes in the form of “he’s Lil Romeo meets Raggedy Ann.”

Before he begins to spit, LaBeouf addresses the lack of quality in the recording of his voice and the “YouTube beats” he’s using. Those elements aside, does he have the makings of a true MC, or is this Hollywood fanfare?