Talib Kweli Takes Donald Trump To Task & Sounds Off On Kanye For Supporting Him (Video)

Talib Kweli is one of the most engaged social-media users in Hip-Hop, and he can be seen addressing issues of racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of oppression online, using his extensive base of followers to elicit ongoing discussions about any given sociopolitical issue. Of course, fans have loved him for doing the same through his music, and he has extended his activism into real-world efforts and in the form of a budding writing career. As such, he has made his views about President-Elect Donald Trump clear, and has taken to Twitter to call him out for his failures, both as a candidate and as a person.

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His views on America’s forthcoming Commander-in-Chief were a central talking point in a recent interview with VladTV, where Kweli minced no words about why Trump is such a dangerous individual. “Trump is a fascist. He’s not just a racist. He’s a violent racist. He’s a xenophobe. He’s a homophobe. He hates women. And he’s a fascist,” says Kweli, before offering a stern warning. “We’ve seen what fascism does to the world.”

Kweli also discusses his longtime collaborator and friend he loves “to death,” Kanye West. While he wishes West well as he recovers from a recent hospitalization related to mental, he does criticize him for supportive statements he’s made about Trump (including statements he made in November in which he told his audience that he didn’t vote, but if he had, he would have supported Trump). [West] “is one of the most important cultural figures that we’ve ever seen, in terms of our culture of Hip-Hop music. Because of that, he’s earned a degree of our respect and a level of our admiration that should never be taken away,” he says. “But when I see my brother, who I love, in a public space uplifting Trump…we can’t afford to coddle anyone who uplifts that. No matter how much I love them. I love Kanye West to death, but because he spoke in a public space, and uplifted Trump, I feel like, because I’m someone who he has also said publicly that he respects, I have a unique position to be able to say something in a way that maybe he can hear.”

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He continues, “that’s not the wave. That’s not it. Uplifting Trump…when he uplifts Trump, he’s harming, and really hurting…he’s hurting us. Not in the abstract, but he’s really hurting us on a literal level. There are groups that are going to be marginalized from a Trump presidency. Anyone who’s not a straight, White man with a little bit of money is going to be marginalized in Trump’s America,” he argues before circling back to West. “I think Kanye is a genius and an icon. He recognizes other geniuses and icons…but Donald Trump is not a genius,” he says before adding “Trump is a stupid man. He’s not a smart man. He is a spoiled brat. He was coddled. He’s very fragile, a very fragile individual. He might be most spoiled rich white dude on the planet. He’s the poster boy for rich, white fragility.”

Uplifting such an individual, let alone one who is about to lead one of the planet’s most powerful countries, “is dangerous,” Kweli argues. Elsewhere in the interview, he address what he calls a “false equivalency” between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s drawbacks, and more on Kanye West.