Digable Planets Go From Cool Like Dat To Cold As Ice In A New Concert (Video)

Even though the Digable Planets have not released an album together in more than 20 years, the trio appears as tight as they ever were. Ladybug Mecca, Doodlebug, and Ish (fka Butterfly) toured this year, tearing down stages across the globe. The Brooklyn-Philadelphia outfit played festivals, and showed why they achieved something special in the early ’90s, fusing Hip-Hop and Jazz on their own, incredibly cool terms.

For Heads who did not get to see Digable on the road, there is an intimate, half-hour concert available online. What’s especially interesting is that the concert takes place at the Kex Hostel in Reykjavík, Iceland.  They performed songs for the Heads, including “Black Ego” and “The May 4th Movement,” from their respected Blowout Comb sophomore LP. With a live band in tow, this set truly grooves. This global Hip-Hop moment was recorded on November 4, but released to video this week.

Digable Planets Reflect On Their Travels Through Time & Space And They’re Still Light Years Ahead

In 2016, Mecca also joined Prince Paul, Gorilla Urbano (aka Rodrigo), and Don Newkirk for BROOKZILL. The Tommy Boy-backed outfit released an album (available for free, full stream) featuring Del, Count Bass D, Brian Jackson, and others.