The LOX Release The 1st Video For Their New Album. The Foundation Is ROC Solid.

At the end of this week, The LOX will release their highly-anticipated third album, Filthy America…It’s Beautiful (December 16). Their first album in more than 16 years comes on their third different label. Striking success in the late ’90s with Puff Daddy and Bad Boy, the Yonkers, New York trio moved to all out Ruff Ryders/Interscope for We Are The Streets. This go-round, it is with Jay Z and Roc Nation. Jadakiss has maintained a successful solo career for years through Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam, after Jay and Dame Dash sold their stake. With Hov’ at the helm of the machinery, Filthy America… hopes to play clean-up in the closing days of 2016.

First single “Don’t You Cry” comes to music video. Here, The Warlocks do not do anything all that different and special. This is a gritty, straightforward, and to-the-point presentation of the music that’s kept them alive in the last decade and a half. The LOX ate off of mixtapes, freestyles, D-Block releases, and a lot of solo work. They kept that ’90s New York feel alive, like their well-heeled peers. That context is what is at play in this video. There are hostages, dark rooms, bully tactics, and dope rapping.

The LOX Discuss What To Expect From Their First Album In 16 Years

This is why the most successful New York artist since The LOX burst on the scene wanted to be in business with them: consistency.