This MF DOOM-Curated Playlist Features Classic Cuts & Brand New Remixes (Audio)

The masked man whose varying personas help make him one of Hip-Hop’s greatest innovators, MF DOOM, has released a 19-track mix as King Geedorah, a name he first recorded under in 2003, when Take Me to Your Leader dropped. In the years since, no new King Geedorah LPs have emerged, however Heads were recently treated to a re-pressing of the vinyl as well as fresh-off-the-presses revamps of the streamable and downloadable variety.

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Today (December 8), King Geedorah fans have some new material from the British-American underground icon in the form of a self-curated playlist featuring, among others, new MF DOOM remixes and more. As reported by Pitchfork, Geedorah has been resurrected for an appearance on NTS radio show

“Solid Steel,” where the famed producer and MC flexes his skills as a DJ, piecing together a new remix of JJ Doom’s “Banished” (now sporting a DJ Khaled sample) alongside MF DOOM-assisted joints by Busta Rhymes and PRhyme as well as standalone joints from Ghostface Killah, Gorillaz, and his own discography. “RE: (No Subject)” by Paul Barman, Hassan Chops’s “Fresh Cutz,” and “Shake Charmer Freestyle” by Kurious Jorge are all brand-new joints, reportedly “from an upcoming project that DOOM curated.”

1) RE: (No Subject) – Paul Barman
2) Banished [King Geedorah remix] – JJ DOOM
3) Red & Gold – MF DOOM
4) The Glock – Lil Vicious
5) 9 Milli Bros [ft. Wu Tang Clan] – Ghostface Killah
6) Fresh Cutz [ft. Hassan Chop]
7) Ray Gun [ft. MF DOOM] – BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah
8) New York, New York – Starship Orchestra
9) Snake Charmer Freestyle [ft. Kurious Jorge]
10) Between Villains – Captain Murphy ft. Viktor Vaughn & Earl Sweatshirt
11) MIC Line – Monster Island Czars
12) Deep Fried Frenz – MF DOOM
13) Frankie Sinatra – The Avalanches
14) Impending DOOM – MF DOOM & Daedelus
15) November Has Come – Gorillaz
16) In The Streets [ft. MF DOOM & BJ the Chicago Kid] – Busta Rhymes
17) Change The Beat – MF DOOM
18) Highs & Lows [ft. MF DOOM & Phonte] – PRhyme
19) Hook is Extra – MF DOOM

It’s been a long while since we’ve been treated to a DOOM solo project, but Heads might recall that in 2015, he alluded to an epic return in 2016. The clock is winding down, but Metal Fingers is nothing but full of surprises…