U-God Spits Venom Toward Some Wu-Tang Brothers But Warns No One Else Can (Audio)

Last month, Wu-Tang Clan’s U-God went public with a multi-million dollar suit against RZA and the group’s manager (RZA’s brother, Divine). For six years, the Brooklyn, New York veteran says he has gone unpaid on Wu group work, despite several albums—including ones with major label backing– being released. On new solo track “Venom,” Heads can hear the anger in “Golden Arms'” voice. However, he also makes it clear that it is truly family business:

I can talk about my brothers. Why? They’re my fucking brothers. But don’t let me catch you talking about you gonna try and hurt one of my fuckin’ brothers, or you don’t like my brothers ’cause of this. That’s my family! I’ll punch you in your fuckin’ face! Yeah, we might not be getting along. Yeah, we got issues with each other. Regardless of that, we’re going through Hell right now! We goin’ through Hell. And I’m sittin’ here; I ain’t fakin’ it! We goin’ through Hell; we trying to get it right.

U-God Hits RZA With A Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit For Unpaid Wu-Tang Clan Royalties

The music kicks in to “Venom.” As an antidote to the animosity, U-God just wants to spit. The Babygrande Records single calls back to The Funky 4 + 1 More’s “The Joint,” as U-God raps about how he spits for survival. There’s organs, synth lines, and U-God’s unmistakably rich vocal tone. The track is produced by DJ Homicide (Sugar Ray/Tha Alkaholiks) and 1200 Warriors.

This week has been most prolific for the Wu. Yesterday (December 14), Masta Killa released his first single in many years featuring Method Man and Redman. Meth’ (and Red’) also appeared on Juelz Santana’s comeback single, “Ol’ Thing Back” the very same day. Twenty four hours prior, Masta Killa assisted Joe Young in the video for “The Projects,” which premiered at Ambrosia For Heads.

Method Man, Redman, Jadakiss & Juelz Santana Bring That Ol Thing Called Hip-Hop Back (Audio)

“Venom” is the title track to U-God’s 2017 album. Clearly, there are deeper issues surrounding the Wu-Tang Clan than just royalty payment disbursements. Already, RZA addressed the issues without getting too specific while on Sway In The Morning recently, also stating why he’s put any future Wu album squarely in Ghostface Killah’s hands.