Nearly Every Jay Z Guest Verse, Live Performance & Rarity Has Been Collected In 1 Place (Video)

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In 2016,  Hip-Hop, which once traded cassette tapes of live shows and DJ sets has evolved such that nearly all music ever recorded is available at one’s fingertips. As such, each artist has a digital footprint. Jay Z has had one of the longest and most prolific careers in the genre. Dating back to the 1980s, the Roc Nation MC has worked with a who’s who in Hip-Hop and popular music, and turned songs tucked away on mixtapes, soundtracks, and digital singles into quoted classics.

The site Wakelet is committed to making itself a destination for artists’ digital catalogs. Amassing more than 292 songs available on YouTube and other platforms, the site has curated Jay Z’s body of work by era, guest verse, unreleased, music videos, and standout live performances (known on the site as “wakes”). While Jay has begun moving some of the streaming rights of his own catalog exclusively to Tidal, this is an interesting alternative to platforms that thrive on music traditionally associated with popular, formally released albums.

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Rarities on Wakelet include Jay Z songs such as “This Life Forever,” which first appeared on the Black Gangster soundtrack, or 1995 Big L , Lord Finesse, Microphone Nut, Jay Z, Party Arty, and Grand Daddy I.U. collaboration “Da Graveyard.”

Notably not included is 1986 12″ single “H.P. Gets Busy,” recorded by teenage Jay Z and Jaz-O. That song was released on Get Live Records, and is believed to be Hov’s first appearance on wax:

To experience the entire collection of Jay Z material, visit Wakelet here.