Young M.A Spits As Hard As ANYONE Over “Money, Power, Respect.” Ooouuu (Video)

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Heads who’ve been following Brooklyn’s darkest corners of Hip-Hop have been aware of Young M.A since far before her song “OOOUUU” seemingly took over the scene. For those still getting familiar, she has released newer material that leaves no doubt in her ability as an MC, including July’s “Summer Story” and October’s “Quiet Storm,” two songs that showcase her ability to create more than just flash-in-the-pan Rap music. Today (December 2), she’s back with “EAT,” a freestyle atop some heat from another New York City act listeners will be familiar with.

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Running with the LOX’s “Money, Power, Respect,” the RedLyfe rapper has a few things to get off her chest, and she’s not concerned with hurting anybody’s feelings. It’s an aggressive track, and one that serves as a precursor to her forthcoming LP, with her rapping “I had to wake you n****s up, I couldn’t wait anymore, so much shit on my mind, I couldn’t think anymore/I swear when this album drop, they gon’ hate me some more.” Painting allusions to herself as a new Tupac (“fuck around, they call me M.A Shakur”), it’s evident she is not only hungry, but willing to snatch meals away from the clutches of bottom-feeders, particularly those who’ve jumped on her bandwagon a little too late. The nearly seven-minute-long affair is unrelenting in its anti-hater content, but it’s also an homage to personal triumph of another sort, namely over personal tragedy and the harassment that comes with being an openly lesbian woman in Hip-Hop.

Details surrounding the impending album she references are scarce, but in the meantime, Heads can visit SoundCloud to catch up on her music.