Chill Moody’s Single Declares That This Ain’t His America. Is It Yours? (Video)

READY or NOT?? You decide. We’re putting you in the A&R chair.

West Philadelphia MC Chill Moody has been on the grind for years. In his latest video single “This Is Not My America,” Chill reacts to the nation’s present day treatment of its Black citizens and other oppressed people. Tracing the narrative from Middle Passage to the broken promises to the voters from the political pulpits, Chill delivers his rhymes in black and white. As you look at your representation, do this song’s powerful words resonate with you?

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With his “Nice Things” movement, Chill Moody promotes thought and aspiration at once, through showmanship, careful songwriting, and a captivating spirit. Chill has worked with the likes of Mr. Green, Freddie Gibbs, and STS in recent years. He has also performed at The Roots Picnic. Through his own nicethingsMUSIC imprint, this single is the Brotherly Love MC’s first release of 2017. It is produced by Artiphacts, with the video made by Murdic.

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