Method Man Cleans House On This “Eviction” Collabo With Dave East & Max B (Audio)

Some things in Hip-Hop just don’t age. For example, consider 808 drum sounds, Pharrell Williams, or Method Man’s flow. “Iron Lung” laces his first track of 2017 in full form. “Eviction” features the Wu-Tang Clan MC alongside Dave East, Max B, as well as Meth’s own apparent proteges of late, Hanz On and Joe Young.

Produced by Dame Grease (DMX, Cam’ron, French Montana), the song about keeping it moving (literally) has some hard drums anchoring its lush accents. Method Man, who follows Dave East, gets to work with such grace and confidence between the kicks and snares that he sounds as nimble as ever. Moreover, M-E-T-H-O-D sprinkles his verse with some O.G. wisdom, in a career that’s kept it moving through trials and triumphs, #1 albums and some extended hiatuses too.

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Last month, Joe Young released Invincible Armor. Method Man, who appeared on debut single “Crack Babies” (and the subsequent remix) is just one of five Clansmen (as well as Cappadonna) who appeared on the indie release. Hanz On is all over Meth’s most recent project, 2015’s Meth Lab effort with Tommy Boy. This is the lead single from Hanz and Joe’s upcoming collaborative mixtape, Hometeam.

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Hopefully this is not the last time Heads hear Dave and Meth’ together, as two versatile MCs with such distinct voices.