Oddisee Releases A Blistering Song Questioning A System That Is Stacked Against Us (Audio)

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Closing out 2016 with the announcement of a new album and supporting tour, Oddisee is back today (January 24) with “Like Really,” a new single tackling America’s political system. Blistering in its criticism, the song is possibly the most political record of his career, and it might just be the tip of the iceberg. Arriving February 24 via Mello Music Group, Iceberg will be Oddisee’s first LP since 2015’s The Good Fight, and is home to lead single “Things,” itself a bold song addressing racial inequalities.

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But “Like Really” takes the message much further, addressing law enforcement and its inability to properly do its job. “How do you police the streets of a neighborhood you do not engage in?,” he asks. Oddisee also addresses the unfair criminal justice system, asking “why brother get 3 for a sack when your brother go free for a rape?,” perhaps referencing the case of Brock Turner, a White convicted rapist who only served 3 months. Also touched upon is the whitewashing of Black stories in Hollywood, the “all lives matter” movement, the loss of American jobs overseas, and more. Despite its harsh lyrical content, though, “Like Really” still manages to be peaceful in its production, even downright creamy.

Iceberg is available for preorder. As Oddisee described it himself, the LP is “a plea for humanity to dig deeper in search of understanding and common ground.”