Ran Reed Has No Time For Doo-Doo, Pathetic MCs. He Fights For Skills. (Video)

New Jersey MC Ran Reed epitomizes patience. It was in the 1980s that Double-R had one of his first songs (“You Might As Well Forget It” by The Young M.C.’s) played on radio. Throughout the 1990s, Ran (tka “Hitman”) was cutting tracks, many of which with producer Nick Wiz (Cella Dwellas, Rakim, Chino XL). Appearing on Marc Ecko/Lyricist Lounge’s Underground Airplay, he faced the same challenges of many talented MCs trying to make each moment count. Although he previously released ’90s archival compilation Respect The Architect, this week’s Still Commanding Respect (January 13) marks Ran Reed’s complete creative control debut. Featuring Kool G Rap, Bumpy Knuckles, M.O.P., and Sadat X, the MC pulls in peers who stand for the same raw Hip-Hop that he does.

Double single “Pathetic M.C.’s” b/w “Doo Doo” is Ran Reed’s release-week calling card. The visual to these self-produced songs features the bare Hip-Hop essentials: caps, hoodies, murals, and most importantly hard rhymes over sample-based beats. Ran Reed, with his 30-plus-year dream in tact, shows what he stands for. Does this double-dose of hardcore Hip-Hop lead you to stand with this embodiment of paying dues?

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#BonusBeat: Some of Ran Reed’s Still Commanding Respect music available for promotional listen. This includes the full version of “Pathetic M.C.’s,” which includes a verse from fellow patient 1980s alum Bumpy Knuckles:

This includes “Gun Boy Interlude,” which features M.O.P. This appeared on Ambrosia For Heads in 2016.