CyHi The Prynce Is Releasing His Debut Album But He’s Already A Legend (Audio)

Taking to social media yesterday (February 7), CyHi The Prynce announced the impending arrival of his long-awaited debut album. Arriving in the Spring or Summer, No Dope On Sunday signals his official arrival in many ways. The Grammy-nominated rapper has been releasing mixtapes since 2010, and has been an essential collaborator with Kanye West, working with him on Watch The Throne, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Yeezus and The Life Of Pablo. CyHi also was included on GOOD Music’s 2012 compilation album, Cruel Summer. It’s been two years since he dropped his most recent tape, Black Hystori Project 2: N.A.A.C.P. and the Stone Mountain, Georgia native has been relatively quiet since. But today (February 8), he has finally dropped some new heat in the form of “Legend.”

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Premiering the record on Sway In The Morning, CyHi has since made the single available for streaming, and he goes in. The record is rough around the edges in the best possible way, and his voice is gruff, adding an element of grit that suits his flow perfectly. As suggested in the song’s title, CyHi is out to prove to fans and critics alike that he’s ready to stand side-by-side with other MCs, and is not afraid to fight for his props. “How can y’all forget all the albums I done did?/I’m an artist with no felonies, can’t tell me I’m not legit/I’ve been spittin’ real since reel-to-reel and floppy disks/I can see why all the copywriters try to copy this,” he boasts in the opening verse. “I’m a legend, I been that n**** in my town ever since I was seven/I’m a legend, even when I’m not in Stone Mountain, they feel the presence,” he raps.

While debuting “Legend” on Sway in the Morning, CyHi said “I rap like my Jesus and my God ain’t no pussy.” Explaining No Dope On Sunday is inspired by his desire to make his community better, CyHi spoke about the desire to have one day where people ceased from doing dirt and focused on helping one another. From there, people could expand and start focusing on living positively on other days, as well.

Shortly after making the album announcement, CyHi made it clear that he’s prepared to prove himself, posting on Instagram “I’m ready for every last one of you rappers who think they can out rap me!!!” No Dope On Sunday will arrive on CyHi’s own indie label, Brooklyn Knights.