Diamond D Passes The Torch To Kev Brown For A Thumping Remix (Audio)

In addition to producing his first full album for Sadat X, Diamond D is hard at work on his upcoming sequel to 2015’s The Diam Piece. That album earned the D.I.T.C. co-founder some of the greatest accolades he’s received in the 2000s and 2010s. Still a double-threat extraordinaire, the self-proclaimed “best producer on the mic” stays crafty behind the boards and in the booth. Additionally, D has mentored a host of others. One such disciple of the Diggin’ sound is Kev Brown.

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While the D.M.V. native was first heard by many thanks to DJ Jazzy Jeff, he has a close bond with Fat Joe’s mentor too. On the 2015 LP, the pair made “Let The Music Talk,” produced by Diamond. For the 2017 remix, D hands the controls over to Kev, and both men get cozy on the mic device. Within, Brown also talks about how the Ultimate Force co-founder influenced his own technique and style.

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Two days ago (February 5), one of Diamond’s influences and friends, David Axelrod, passed away.