Thundercat & Kendrick Lamar Stay In The Groove On “Walk On By” (Audio)

Although he is not a Hip-Hop artist, Thundercat has been at the epicenter of the massive 2010s Rap movement in Southern California. The Los Angeles musician and vocalist has a particular bond with Kendrick Lamar. The pair have won Grammy Awards together, care of To Pimp A Butterfly songs like “These Walls,” “Wesley’s Theory,” and “Complexion (A Zulu Love).” In the spillover from that LP, last year’s Untitled. Unmastered, more collabos were unveiled.

Thundercat’s blend of Jazz, retro-Soul, and pensive instrumentation fits K-Dot quite nicely. On Drunk, T.C.’s third LP (February 24), Lamar returns the favor. “Walk On By” is a moving musing by Thundercat, which gives way to the Compton MC telling stories of the fine lines between right and wrong, safe and dangerous, dead and alive. The song is abstract, but a charming listen for fans of music that’s rich for interpretation.

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Drunk releases this week on the Brain Feeder label of another K-Dot collaborator, Flying Lotus.

Spotted at Mass Appeal.