Raekwon’s New Single Is Here & The Chef Is Cooking With Extra Fire (Audio)

In announcing his forthcoming solo album The Wild earlier this month, Raekwon told fans it’s inspired by “all the s**t that’s goin’ on today,” suggesting the LP will be a no-holds-barred reflection of the social and political climate of late. That proclamation has been proven true today (February 1) with the release of the first single, “This Is What It Comes To.” It’s a neck-breaking serving from the Chef, which starts off with his signature clowning humor but quickly turns into something far more serious. In an era when war seems like an impending danger looming over the U.S., Rae’ is armed and ready for battle – of all kinds.

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According to a statement Raekwon made to Billboard, the song is “a record with sonic driven energy and offers a remembrance of what music used to be and why Hip-Hop is the most exciting genre in music.” “I done blacked out, no man is safe, your crew is cornered/Why did you think you could step over me, I’m too enormous,” he says in the opening verse of the song, setting the tone for the multiple bodies he’s eager to catch in this Rap game. On the hook, he spits “This is what it comes to, wildin’ like the West/I’m down in this concrete jungle, homie I hope you got your vest on/I hope your weapon is oiled and don’t jam/And if it do, we’ll be through when it’s time for that warfare.” In the second verse, it’s clear he’s aiming directly at any unfortunate person sending threats in Rae’s direction, saying “I’m a star, you a Starburst, sweet than fruit,” asking them “who did you shoot?” before spitting “must have imagined that, with your far-fetched raps.” He goes on, saying:

“You in the ‘hood talkin’ bout you want a war with me?/I’ll get your project shot down while your landlord sleep/Now you in too deep, no turning back on your actions/You a killa? Then show me, if not, then meet my savages.”

The Wild arrives on March 24 (not March 10, as previously reported) via IceH2o Records and is available for pre-order.