Venomous2000 Ambushes His Prey With Poisonous Lyricism (Video)

Last month, Passaic, New Jersey’s Venomous2000 released his tenth album, Sounds Of The Great Ones with Trilian. That LP features decorated veterans such as Wu-Tang Clan’s Inspectah Deck, Cella Dwellas, and The Artifacts, among others. A vet in his own right, Venomous2000 has been a recent guest artist on DJ Eclipse’s Rap Is Outta Control show. While some Hip-Hip Heads may be newly discovering the seasoned performer, he’s got years of lyrics to go for their consumption and pleasure.

Video single “Psalms 76” finds the boom-bap-inspired MC channeling a horror film sequence of capturing the minds of young people. Instead of malice and terror, he reigns with wisdom. He captivates the young people with a compound rhyme delivery, tight similes, and “76 bars of absolutely madness.” These are battle raps aimed at the state of the culture, and a Garden State spitter with the pursuit of his dream. Trilian matches the fast rhymes and nimble delivery with hard drums and splashing cymbals.

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