Ghostface Joins Raekwon On A Rugged Remix For “This Is What It Comes Too” (Audio)

In just a few days (March 24), Raekwon is set to release his album, The Wild. For the first time in Chef’s career, this LP features no involvement from any of his Wu-Tang Clan cohorts. However, while Rae’ is preparing a unique album in his catalog, his right-hand man is still at his side. Ghostface Killah appears on the “Ironman: Lunch Remix” of opening video single “This Is What It Comes Too.” As the two MCs catch a breather on the album work, this charged up take on a hot single will leave some Heads breathless.

Rae’s song was about eyeing up the transgressions going on with Hip-Hop and the Rap industry, and chasing away the meek. G.F.K. lives for such a theme, and adds to the track with an extended, highly polished verse about putting prey in its place. At 1:20, Ghost’ enters, reminding Heads that he helped build the Wu “brick-by-brick.” Detailing guns, corner store candy, and some trademark simile symbolism, Tony tears into a barrage of crisp, compound rhymes that show he means business.


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Raekwon’s verses stay the same from the O.G. version. However, Ghost’s new bars play nicely into Rae’s last verse, with overlapping images and themes. These are two brothers who listen to each other and fall into fierce formation to bum-rush an industry that sometimes seems to forget what makes MCs great, or a remix truly exciting. The Purple Tape co-hosts are still kickin’ that “Criminology.”

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This remix premiered at Billboard.