Ice-T & T.I. Do A Live Mashup Of “O.G.” And “Bring Em Out” (Video)

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By 1991, West Coast icon Ice-T was already on his fourth solo album. O.G. Original Gangster cracked the top ten on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, and was home to unapologetically outspoken records like “Body Count” and “Escape From The Killing Fields.” Its title track would become a single and with lyrics like “Motherf******s got scared/’Cause they was unprepared/Who would tell it how it really was? Who dared?,” it was evident Ice-T was reminding Rap fans that he was still showing and proving. Nearly 15 years later, T.I.’s 2004 single “Bring Em Out,” produced by Swizz Beatz and lead single for Tip’s third studio effort, Urban Legend, dropped. On it, he boasted “The king back now/hoes don’t even know how to act now,” and he wasn’t lying. The Atlanta rapper would go on to name his follow-up LP King and continue reaping what is arguably one of the most successful careers in Rap

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It’s possible the two songs haven’t ever been studied side-by-side before, but on last night’s (March 20) episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, “O.G. Original Gangster” and “Bring Em Out” not only lived side-by-side on stage, they were performed in a mash-up style by Ice-T and T.I., respectively. Introducing the two performers as “Ice-T.I.,” Kimmel opens up the stage to the two clever collaborators, each of whom proceeds to bring down the house. First up is Tip, who raps the opening of his smash hit to Ice-T’s beat, melding classic sounds from two very different eras, and it works. Similarly, Ice begins spitting “O.G.” over the famous Swizz Beatz production, which makes for a unique interpretation of the “Gangsta Rap” classic.

On March 30, Ice-T’s Metal band, Body Count, will be releasing a new album, Bloodlust. In this interview with AXS, the legend who has dominated both the Rap and Rock worlds discusses the 25th anniversary of “Cop Killer” and more.