J Rocc Shows What Biggie And Dilla Would Have Sounded Like Together…Incredible (Audio)

In their lives, Biggie Smalls and J Dilla never worked together. Jay Dee would produce for B.I.G. affiliates like Busta Rhymes, Keith Murray, and Heavy D, but would never work with Bad Boy Records in those mid-’90s glory years.

While almost all of Biggie’s unused reels have been released on posthumous projects, new music from James Yancey continues to surface in various forms. On April 21, Dilla’s mother and executor to his estate, Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey will release Motor City. Named after the city J was born in and repped, the project reportedly contains celebrated as well as unreleased instrumentals from the Slum Village co-founder’s stash. In promotion, J Rocc, who performed live with Dilla and Madlib, as part of JayLib, takes one such “donut” and throws it against Biggie’s 1994 smash, “Juicy.”

J. Rocc (also of Beat Junkies fame) makes this blend pop (like Biggie’s tape), with hard drums and the MC’s booming delivery pierces at all the right spots.

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Thursday (March 9) marks 20 years since the death of Christopher Wallace.