Murs & Curtiss King Turn The Dating Game Into A Player Haters Ball (Video)

Earlier this month, Murs released his Captain California album. The L.A. veteran has showcased several moments from his latest Strange Music work, but none as sour-sweet as “Lemon Juice.” The Curtiss King-assisted single now comes to visual with a Dating Game-theme. Both MCs appear dressed to impressed, as two bachelors vying for one date.

Premiering at Ambrosia For Heads, the “Lemon Juice” video finds Murray and Curtiss playing the “Love Or Lemon” game. With a 1970s-themed set, the two eager bachelors claw to win over the affections of one lovely lady. Beginning with putting their best foot forward, these two MCs quickly turn to tripping each other with a barrage of disses. From living with moms, light complexion, grooming and hygiene, fashion, corny cars, to low album sales numbers, nothing is off limits to get ahead. According to Murs, the song is true to his and Curtiss’ real-life dynamic. Reportedly inspired by Positive K’s 1992 jam, “I Got A Man,” the two brotherly rivals put their act to wax. Naturally, the show draws a crowd, as people tune in to see it all unfold.

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We’ve been working together for years, but I had to find the right place for our personalities to collide ‘cause our whole relationship is just me and him going back and forth talking trash about each other,” Murs explains in a statement to AFH. “We’ve done more serious songs together, but nothing that encapsulates our friendship the way it truly is in real life the way ‘Lemon Juice’ does.

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The MC who has done full projects with Slug (as Felt), !Mayday!, and Living Legends, is taking Captain California on a West Coast tour, beginning in April. The Strange album also features Krizz Kaliko, Reverie, and Big Too Big, among others.