Natia Has A Message For Copy-Cat Rappers & He Wants Blood On His Hands (Video)

Inglewood, California’s Natia carries with him many of the artistic earmarks of other Californians like Hieroglyphics, Living Legends, Freestyle Fellowship, and The Pharcyde. He’s maniacal in the best way – lyrical, offbeat, and message-driven. But any referential qualities he may have to artists like Del The Funkee Homosapien or Fatlip do not overpower his own brand of L.A. Rap. In fact, Natia The God cites amongst his biggest influences Raekwon, Eminem, and Big L.

With mixtapes on his SoundCloud dating back three years, Natia has a cosign from fellow Angeleno Earl Sweatshirt and is gearing up to drop his debut album, 10K Hours, in the coming months. In anticipation of the POW Recordings release, Natia released the drug-induced “Blood on the Hypeman.” “I made ‘Blood on the Hypeman’ off tons of acid, while flabbergasted about toda’s Hip-Pop,” he explains. “I understand that everyone can’t be lyrical or freestyle, or whatever Hip-Hop used to be. But these nursery Dr. Seuss mediocre rhymes & songs that niggas are doing now gets me more than angry.” He channels that anger into the record, which he says is inspired by the fact that “everyone seems like a hypeman ’cause their songs consist of nothing butad-libs, and that minimizes kids’ imaginations. There’s no art, just mothafuckas that look the same – identical hypemen. It feels fake and unbelievable, so I’m gonna expose and dispose it.”

In the video, archaic, dusty TV sets lazily broadcast identical loops of content, which Heads will come to realize are snippets of the music video they’re watching in real time. It’s a tongue-in-cheek example of being hoisted by one’s petard – by recreating elements of the mass-produced, impossible to differentiate content with which he takes umbrage, Natia’s video lambasts through impersonation.

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