Akinyemi Is The Latest Queens MC Trying To Be A Hip-Hop King (Video)

Queens, New York has given Hip-Hop some of its most captivating, creative and distinctive, yet still relatable acts, from A Tribe Called Quest to Nas to Pharoahe Monch. Like the aforementioned MCs, newcomer Akinyemi is a true individual with unique flows and imaginative concepts, but with an air that somehow manages to remain grounded.

An artist who clearly takes the title “master of ceremonies” to heart, Akinyemi has been making a name for himself in New York Hip-Hop circles with his commanding stage presence. Whether shutting down a cipher for HuffPost Black Voices or an underground show at a community art center, the young MC has been organically building a rep as one of the city’s most engaging up-and-comers… despite his limited online content.

With only three songs and two videos posted (having recently purged some previous work), Akinyemi is the antithesis of a “SoundCloud rapper” — preferring quality over quantity. He is, however, working up to a larger project, as confirmed via Twitter: “Gonna call my body of work everything but a ‘mixtape.’ All-original with live elements… This joint an album, really.”

Premiering at Ambrosia For Heads, Akinyemi takes “Eurydice” to re-imagine the Greek myth of Orpheus and his oak nymph muse over a fittingly ethereal beat. For those unaware, Orpheus was a fabled ancient musician who attempted to rescue his wife Eurydice from the Underworld by lulling its ruler Hades and his minions with his bewitching melodies. The video depicts the MC’s interpretation of the tale. Stay tuned for his debut project, summers, coming soon.

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