Cellis Calls Back To Childhood To Help Us Overcome Growing Troubles (Video)

Baltimore, Maryland artist Cellis is known as “The Beardest” MC. While artists like Freeway, Stalley, Drake, and others may raise an eyebrow to that claim, he joins a respected class of artists who kick wisdom and substance in their rhymes. Belonging to his newly released Snow Day EP, “Inner Child” begins with the question, “Think of it: what have you done lately?

Across his city (with some grabbing aerial shots), Cellis hits the library and other public works to study up, and kick some substantial rhymes about staying woke. He breaks down who is really at the controls in society, and who suffers because of it. The chorus travels backwards, to an innocent place. Like Chance The Rapper did so well on Acid Rap, Cellis finds a happy place with an assortment of images, and why we need to channel those memories in these trifling times. The record showcases rapping and singing, with some heartfelt urges to go back to a safe space to overcome some treachery in the adult world.

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This followed 2015’s Rich Boy Poor Man album.