Evidence Returns With One Of His Best Songs In Years. He Reigns On An Alchemist Beat.

It has been nearly six years since Evidence released a solo album. For many fans, 2011’s Cats & Dogs reached a new zenith for the Dilated Peoples and Stepbrothers veteran. Still running with Rhymesayers, the 20-year veteran is in even stronger form on new video single, “Throw It All Away.”

The photographer chooses a fitting backdrop for his Alchemist-produced return to solo work. Shot in black-and-white, Evidence splashes through a rainy city. The song looks inward, at the collaborator or Kanye West, Gang Starr, and Phonte admits that he believed anything he spent he could easily earn back. The lyrics don’t necessary translate just to just money (which is referenced), as the message seemingly applies to creativity, time, and love. The wordplay is rich, with lines like “no sun but I’ll father this verse / That’s all I’m probably worth.” Evidence, who began his days throwing slick wordplay on Dilated cult-classics like “Work The Angles” has taken his career to an entirely new place in the last decade. The highly-accomplished artist appears to reinvent his sound, while following his Weatherman blueprint that goes back to the ABB Records days.

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On the single, Ev’ salutes his band-mates with, “I write to alchemist cause others don’t inspire me / I got my people and they got my back entirely / I kill with Iriscience on the side of me  / and by myself I lay em’ out and iron out the irony.” Evidence survives life’s storms by the people beside him, who he happens to make standout music with.

At present, there are no additional details surrounding what (if) this video may soon belong to. His last LP featured Prodigy and Raekwon, along with label-mates Slug and Aesop Rock.

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Last year, Ev’ produced for REKS and L.A. Symphony’s Cookbook. Dilated Peoples got down with DJ Premier’s artist Torii Wolf and Snowgoons.