J. Cole Keeps It 100% Real. He Shares Footage Of S.W.A.T. Raiding His Home (Video)

Last week, Kendrick Lamar released the song “DUCKWORTH.” The 9th Wonder-produced DAMN. track recounts a story of K-Dot’s musical mentor, Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith plotting to rob his own father many years ago at a fast food restaurant in Los Angeles. In a twist of fate, Lamar’s father was spared due to his showing respect, and now Top Dawg and “Ducky” are both closely attached to one of the greatest MCs of the ages.

For years, Kendrick collaborator J. Cole joins him at the top of Rap’s current class. Last December, Cole dropped the song “Neighbors.” Self-produced, the 4 Your Eyez Only cut alludes to police being sent to the multi-platinum artist’s home, after neighbors believed he was “sellin’ dope.” The onetime St. John’s University scholarship student who has been celebrated for his social activism spits: “Every nigga feel like a candidate / For a Trayvon kinda fate / Even when your crib sit on a lake / Even when your plaques hang on a wall / Even when the president jam your tape / Took a little break just to annotate / How I feel, damn, it’s late / I can’t sleep ’cause I’m paranoid / Black in a white man territory, cops bust in with the army guns / No evidence of the harm we done / Just a couple neighbors that assume we slang Only time they see us we be on the news in chains.” The record is set to Cole releasing his views about being profiled at home, as he tells the listener, “Wait, I think police is at the door.

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This past weekend, HBO screened 4 Your Eyez Only: A Dreamville Film, J. Cole’s corresponding album documentary. In the feature, Cole released the March 18, 2016 surveillance footage of a SWAT team swarming on his home Sheltuh studio (where he recorded the #1, platinum LP). Clearly, “Neighbors” is non-fiction, which hopefully brings further awareness to the lyrics and experience behind the Dreamville/Roc Nation record. In addition to gaining access and breaking doors, one camouflaged officer of the law appears to attempt to disarm the surveillance camera upon the raid.

In today’s New York Times interview, Cole confirmed he wrote the song the weekend of the raid, along with five undisclosed others. A small amount of marijuana was found, leading to a citation. Cole told The Times’ Jon Carmanica that he believes a neighbor’s call led to the raid.

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Kendrick and Cole are clearly both “HiiiPower” storytellers that should be revered as non-fiction masters.

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