J.I.D’s Monster Freestyle Shows There’s A New Contender For King Of The South (Video)

One of the best releases in the Dreamville Records chest is J.I.D’s The Never Story. Released last month, the Interscope-backed project did not rely on heavy marketing, big features, or grabbing artwork. Instead, the newest artist on J. Cole’s label simply spit raps with a nimble delivery, clever wordplay, and original subject matters. Those who listened paid attention, told others, and the story continues for the Spillage Village member from Atlanta, Georgia.

Somebody who noticed was Funkmaster Flex. As part of the HOT 97 mainstay’s freestyle series, J.I.D busts it up in a major way. Flex drops the needle on Screwball’s DJ Premier-produced underground gem “F.A.Y.B.A.N.” and Biggie’s “Who Shot Ya?,” and J.I.D bends his nouns and verbs with sheer excellence.

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J.I.D uses an A-B, A-B rhyme spits at one point: “You can never see me / I b-ring the noise / Fuck your ha-ha’s and he-he’s / You see we deployed / Couldn’t read me if he W.E.B. DuBois / Niggas ce-cease your voice / ‘Fore we le-leak your boy / Peep me / J.I.D be on your TV / My girl ski-wi / My weed kiwi / My dreads teepee / My oil Tea Tree / Wake the game up, them boys sleepy / A rose grew from concrete, soil, and feces / Hear me clear, ’cause I don’t really like to repeat it / Your favorite rappers gets Control-ALT-Deleted / He sees it / She sees it / Nigga, we seize the moment / Please show me my opponent.

While the sales will stack eventually, this MC is bidding to be the next great MC from below the Mason-Dixon, and one of the breakout stars of Dreamville.

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Interscope believes in this lyricist too, apparent by exec Joie Manda (President of Urban Music) escorting J.I.D. to HOT 97 for the moment.