Kid Capri Details Exactly How B.D.P. Hijacked The Stage From P.M. Dawn (Video)

Kid Capri’s vocals can be heard multiple times on the current #1 album in the country. The Bronx, New York DJ, producer, and onetime MC put his voice on multiple tracks belonging to Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. In a career that spans 30 years of mixtapes, Def Comedy Jam, production for Jay Z, Big L, and Heavy D & The Boyz, Kid Capri is a king of many trades, and one of its living legends behind the turntables.

In 1992, the man born David Anthony Love, Jr. was as hot as ever. That year, he worked on Boogie Down Productions’ fifth and final album, Sex and Violence (“The Original Way”). Running with band leader KRS-One, and his entourage of DJ Kenny Parker, D-Nice, D-Squared, Just-Ice, I.C.U., Robocop, and others, Capri was on hand the night that an enraged B.D.P. Possé had a run-in with Jersey City, New Jersey fraternal duo P.M. Dawn in one of Rap’s storied moments. KRS-One’s actions were in response to remarks Dawn’s Prince Be had made in an issue of Details magazine, where Be said “KRS-One wants to be a teacher, but a teacher of what?”

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“I was standing right there at The Sound Factory,” begins Kid, speaking to Elliott Wilson and B.Dot. “So what happened was [KRS-One] walked in with a bunch of people that I’d never seen him with—a whole different crew. He had [Boogie Down Productions possé members] Willie D. and I.C.U. with him. He had those two [usual accomplices] with him,” Capri recalls, noting that there were unfamiliar faces with the squad as well. “They sat on the windowsill [next to the stage]. It was a P.M. Dawn show [with] Super Cat.”

Kid Capri stepped to KRS, inquiring if something was about to happen. The MC/producer downplayed any impending violence. Willie D., however, was more forthcoming. “Yo, I’m ’bout to mop this nigga.” Kid admits he urged the artist and enforcer within B.D.P. (not to be confused with the Geto Boys member) against action. Willie replied, “Nah, I’ma do it!”

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Continuing the story, Kid says, “So P.M. Dawn comes on stage… it was [Prince Be] and [DJ Minutemix] in the booth, and it’s three girls [doing background singing]…They let him do his first song. When the hit started, it was all bad, man. Yo, they rushed on the stage—Kris and the whole crew…Kris grabbed the mic from [Prince Be]. I.C.U. grabbed all the girls, hugged them and picked them up at the same time [and led them offstage]. When Kris grabbed the mic, Will’ hit [Prince Be], which threw him offstage.” While Kris led the charge, Kid says it was his affiliate’s blow that sent Prince Be flying. However, it was a team effort. “Kenny [Parker] went in the [DJ] booth, threw the DJ out the booth. When the Kris threw them offstage [DJ Kenny Parker] threw on ‘South Bronx.’ It felt like the floor was gonna cave in. What was crazy was, when Kris left, Super Cat was supposed to be next. [However] when Kris left, the whole crowd [left and was] walking down the street with him. It looked like a video! Super Cat was on stage with nobody [left]. It was monumental!”

Willie D. appeared vocally on B.D.P. songs such as “We In There” (he also appears in the music video) and “You Must Learn.”

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A year ago this month, KRS-One told The Drink Champs podcast about the same night in a controversial interview. Kris detailed a slightly different chronology: “When we jumped on stage, I remember Super Cat [wanted to go on]. Cat went on and did his thing. Then P.M. Dawn went on. He went on, we let him do one song, and then we all jumped on stage. ‘Yo, let’s battle. Let’s get it poppin’, right now.’ The whole crowd [erupted]. But somethin’ happened. His man—somebody jumped out like, ‘Fuck [you].’ [We replied] ‘We’re all shooters, my nigga. Fuck that?’ [We] threw them niggas off the stage. That’s what it was.”

In that interview, KRS gave a firsthand account of the background to the beef . “This was ’92, a time when knowledge was just hittin’ Hip-Hop with some ignorant-ass shit…This is the time when I had just put out ‘You Must Learn,’ the ‘Stop The Violence’ [song], ‘Why Is That?’ […] In his Details magazine [interview, P.M. Dawn’s Prince Be] had said somethin’ [to the effect of] N.W.A. is nothing, Chuck D is making mountains out of molehills, and KRS-One wants to be a teacher, but a teacher of what?”

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Out to settle the score in B.D.P. fashion, Kris and his camp chose Yo! MTV Raps host T-Money’s birthday party. The Jive Records star says he wanted the industry to see. “We chose Manhattan because the industry is there.” In that interview, KRS recalled Flavor Unit’s Queen Latifah and Naughty By Nature being witnesses, as well as his longtime BX affiliate Just-Ice.

The Source magazine’s famous illustration at the time (“The Last Word” column illustration by A.L. Dré):


Last June, Prince Be died from complications related to diabetes. He was 46 years old. P.M. Dawn released four additional albums following the ’92 stage incident.