Kris Kasanova Is Out To Prove His Bars Will Always Come With A Little Something Extra (Video)

Music has been, and continues to be, a staple in Kris Kasanova’s life. Learning and studying the art of Hip-Hop since his years on this Earth crossed into the double digits, the Red Hook, Brooklyn native watched his stepfather Don, who piqued his interests into the game, enter the booth with New York City greats like Mary J. Blige, Big L, and Big Pun.

Kris continued to dabble in music since his early experiences with his stepfather, but it wasn’t until the age of 17 that he began to take his craft seriously. Fast forward to 2010, Kasanova linked up with Lower East Side producer Ibe, and with their new HomeSkool crew officially founded, the rapper/producer duo created Kris’ first mixtape, The Long Way Home, a project that would catapult Kris into the limelight.

Even after all of this grinding, Kris Kasanova still isn’t slowing down. Just days before he hit the Ambrosia For Heads stage at SXSW, Kris released, quite possibly, his most heartfelt joint to date with the freebie album, Always Something. To coincide with his latest piece, Kris unveils stark black and white visuals for the project’s title track, “Always Something.” And, just like his charming Italian counterpart, Kris Kasanova seems to always have something smooth to say.

Kris Kasanova Is A Brooklyn MC Whose New EP Is All Killer, No Filler (Audio)

As a note, Kris has also crafted three more projects, War Paint, 24K, and The Great Escape, each painting eloquent pictures of his progression, not just in instrumentation and sound, but in his form, faculty, and the fabrication of a dream into fruition.

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