Lupe Fiasco Is Sick Of Hearing Wack Rappers Over Trap Beats. He Shows Them How To Do It (Video)

In February, Lupe Fiasco released DROGAS Light, his first album since 2015’s Tetsuo & Youth. Despite talk of his retiring from Rap (including statements he made himself), it appears the Chicago, Illinois rapper has no such plans, at least in the immediate future. Shortly after the LP’s release, Lupe performed the single “Jump” live on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, bringing along the song’s collaborator, Gizzle. Today (April 10), he continues to promote the album even further, releasing a colorful video for the lyrical record.

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On the hook for “Jump,” Lupe raps “I already got the money, already got the bitches / I see these other niggas, I’ma do it how they did it / From a trapper to a rapper, trapper to a rapper,” a not-so-thinly veiled reference to the Trap sound dominating much of Rap radio today, and the artists creating its sound. Produced by longtime 1st & 15th collaborator Soundtrakk, it features a beat that many would not associate with a traditional Lupe record, but he’s always been an artist unafraid to push boundaries and experiment. In their verses, Lupe and Gizzle narrate tales of unusual encounters, underscoring the song’s theme of the unexpected.

In the video, tongue-in-cheek visual cues seem to suggest Lupe is referencing the images put out by artists like Migos, as he sports fur coats, ostentatious jewelry, and appears in triplicate.

Lupe has never been one to shy away from voicing his frustration with the Hip-Hop industry. Back in 2015, he added his voice to the ghostwriting discussion engulfing Rap at the time, arguing that it was actually commercialism that was spearheading the culture’s demise. In some ways, “Jump” is continuing that conversation, and serves as Lupe’s most outspoken statement about Trap music (and the commercialism it supports) to date.

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DROGAS Light is Lupe Fiasco’s first album released on 1st & 15th/Thirty Tigers and features Big K.R.I.T., Rick Ross, and more.