Method Man, Redman & RZA Brought Da Ruckus Live On Stage (Video)

Recently, Method Man and Redman brought their Blackout Tour to international audiences, traveling to Australia, Europe, and elsewhere to perform material from their classic collaborative LPs. The Blackout! partners and seemingly inseparable friends have not neglected their stateside fans, however, and are featured prominently on Snoop Dogg’s Mount Kushmore Tour, and can often be seen performing one-off gigs around the country. Rarely, though, are the two ever joined by a member of the Wu-Tang Clan for a trifecta performance, but that’s precisely what happened when the Abbot himself joined Red and Meth at a Los Angeles show.

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Back in February, Redman and Method man gave the L.A. Live crowd a show for the ages, not only performing classics like “How High” parts one and two (even bringing along Toni Braxton). Heads in attendance also heard “I’ll Bee Dat,” “Da Goodness,” “You’re All I Need,” and more from the duo’s expansive discographies. But beyond the set list, what any Hip-Hop fan who has seen these two men perform appreciates is that they continue to put on one of the best shows in Rap, despite their having been doing so for decades. In video footage captured by a fan, that youthful, dynamic energy can be experienced even by those who’ve never seen them live.

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However, on the night of February 3, fans got much more than a Red and Meth show. RZA was also in the building, and he laced the event with not only his presence, but also his rapping. “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta Fuck With” was performed live by the three MCs, despite Red not being an official member of Wu-Tang.

Naturally, the crowd responded enthusiastically, and with champagne spilling on the stage, clouds of smoke in the air, and the energy of 1990s Hip-Hop still palpable in 2017, this performance is clear evidence that it really is Wu-Tang Forever.