Sylvan LaCue Wants His Heavenly Video To Make An Eternal Introduction

Miami, Florida MC Sylvan LaCue is currently making major noise. Fresh off of touring the United States with “Best Me (Remix)” collaborator Saba, Sylvan is another independent artist (thanks to his Wise Up Entertainment movement) who needs no machine to draw power through numbers.

With his album Far From Familiar in rotation, Sylvan’s “Best Me” boasts more than one million plays on Spotify, and several hundred thousand video streams. The latest video “Heavenly” finds LaCue delivering honest, inward-looking bars like this powerful grouping:

Ugh, it’s still a mission just for me to listen / Wake up every morning feeling tunnel vision / You know them stakes is high / You know them times have changed / And nobody is waiting for you to get it right / The pressure, I used to entertain lectures / Follow suit behind opinions abroad / See this is how you find your place in the stars / The game changes every six months / Keep your mind sharp, stay ahead of the curve / You know the usual / I witness niggas at heights you couldn’t fathom / Fall to lows in the blink of an eye / Huh, scary / Pardon me and my pessimism or shall I say / My confidence has been Godly watching these clowns / What a laughable view / I’m learning there’s a difference between what you actually do.

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With the visual directed by KeJuanBlake, this song is the latest in a thematic series, including “Grateful” and “Fall From Grace.”

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