Talib Kweli Drops a 64-Bar Video With The Kind Of Wordplay That Made Him A Star.

Talib Kweli is fast at work on his collaborative album with The LOX’s Styles P. However, in the meantime, Kweli offers up a fresh batch of 64 bars built around everything that’s made this Brooklyn, New Yorker so great for 20 years and counting. Just as Talib did on his earliest works with Black Star and Reflection Eternal, the MC uses similes sharply and succinctly, and casts a wide net of references. The deeply well-read artist (who used to co-own a BK book store) waxes book and street smarts all over this song.

From referencing the Titanic to former Warner Bros. label-mate Lil Scrappy to Futurama, Kweli touches upon popular culture. He also uses narcotics as an extended metaphor, compares temporary fame to Henna tattoos, and says that Hip-Hop is on his shoulders like Atlas. The cadences are crisp, the confidence is steadfast, as Talib Kweli excites the mic with a truly grabbing display.

Talib Kweli Stands Up To Make The World A Better Place, Starting With Beautiful Music (Audio)

This concept is created by Kweli’s Duck Down Music affiliate David Dallas for Red Bull Music and Culture.