Want That Raw Rap? Torae Delivers The “Ugly Face Bars” You’ve Been Waiting For (Audio)

For his first solo work of the year, Torae delivers the aptly titled “Still Waiting,” an aggressive record with punishing production and lyrics to match. Though the Coney Island, New York MC keeps one of the busiest performance and recording schedules in Hip-Hop, he hasn’t released a project of his own since January 2016’s Entitled, which featured Phonte, Saul Williams, and more in addition to production from Pete Rock, Nottz, Apollo Brown, !llmind, and others. However today’s offering (April 11) proves that some things are simply worth the wait.

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“Still Waiting” is a certifiable knockout, thanks in no small part to the co-production from Amadeus and Trilogy Musik. But, it wouldn’t be a Torae song without undeniably killer lyrical delivery, and that’s where the record truly shines. The Barrel Brother calls out Rap superstars by name, mentioning Diddy, Dr. Dre, DJ Khaled, and others on whom lesser MCs wait for approval. “I ain’t waiting on nobody, I’m ready to snap,” he spits before launching into the song’s second verse. “And I’m ready to clap, who want applause?/They ask if I’m ready to rap, who want the gauze?/Recite what I write, that shit’ll alter your jaws/Have you usin’ Timberland boots to floss.” Spitting that the only ghostwriter he occasionally uses is God himself, Torae holds nothing back on his latest.

As far as a release date for what could very well be a new Torae album on the horizon, Heads are left still waiting…at least for now.